Jobs are used for making money. Be careful, though, it will lower your mood!

How Working WorksEdit

Getting a JobEdit

You can get a job at any time by visiting the Employment Office and asking the lady at the desk. As long as you fit the base requirements for a job, you can apply for it or switch out of it at will.

The Work MinigameEdit

Each job has a work minigame which requires you to do different tasks, but they are functionally the same. To start working, enter the location of your job and tap the "WORK!" button on the bottom left. Depending on the job, different objects will appear on the floor. You must tap each of them and then do one of three things (this is random for each time you start). Tap the screen repeatedly, swipe in the direction shown, or alternate between swiping left and right. Each object cleared from the floor will reward you with money, job performance points, and, occasionally, energy and gems.

Job levelsEdit

Your progress in each job is measured seperately, and each job is divided into levels. The higher your level, the higher your salary is, and the more perks you get. Also, as you level up in your job, you get more and more skilled at preforming your tasks, meaning that each Action takes less time.

List of JobsEdit

Tier 1 JobsEdit

Teir 1 Jobs are available at the beginning of the game, and they have no entry requirements. Each Tier 1 Job unlocks an equivalent Tier 2 Job upon reaching level 4.

Tier 2 JobsEdit

Teir 2 Jobs must be unlocked by reaching level 4 in the corresponding Tier 1 job and having at least 15,000 Status.

  • Repairman (Burger Kong, Soda Bar, or Grocery store)
  • Nurse (Clinic)
  • Clerk  (Burger Kong, Soda Bar, or Grocery store)

Teir 3 JobsEdit

Teir 3 Jobs must be unlocked by reaching level 4 in the corresponding Tier 2 job and having at least 75,000 Status.

  • Superintendent  (Clinic, Soda Bar, or Grocery store)
  • Manager (Burger Kong, Soda Bar, or Grocery Store)
  • Doctor (Clinic)

Before you work you must... Die

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